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-To determine the prevalence and the ethnicity of fertility.

-To Determine the lastest trends in diagnosis of infertility.

-To identify problems and errors in patient identification, methods for solving the problems.

-To consider key issues in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

-To determine the situation with PCOS for today and the prospects of the problems.

-Uterus transplantation issue: Current progress and future prospects.

-Male infertility - diagnosis and treatment.

-To study health professionals' opinions about sperm donation.

-To determine donor criteria and legal implications in IVF in different countries.

-To identify current achievement in IVF.

-To understand the difficulties to assure medical and embryologic quality in IVF centers.

-To identify high-efficiency medicines for infertility treatment.

-To understand the difficulties of introducing new high-quality protocol treatments.

-To consider the best treatment options for women with poor ovarian response.

- To identify the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss and solutions to prevent it.

-To determine the prospect of digital equipment for IVF centers and what is quality today.

-To consider the prospects of embryoscopy.

-Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: Benefits & Concerns.

-To maintain the best information in the interest of the patients in IVF.

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